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Battery Point

Feb 18

About Battery Point

Tucked away just south of Hobart’s bustling CBD lies Battery Point, a suburb steeped in rich history and overflowing with charm. As you climb up Kelly’s steps, a colonial-era pathway, you’ll find yourself wandering into a quaint world filled with stories of days gone by. The sandstone and weatherboard cottages that line the streets seem to have their personalities, exuding eccentric charm and character. And thanks to the suburb’s tight-knit layout, these homes sit nestled into the tiny lanes and alleyways, creating an atmosphere that feels both cosy and intriguing. Come take a stroll through Battery Point and discover all the stories and secrets it has to offer.

Nestled beside the River Derwent in Tasmania, Battery Point is a picturesque suburb with a rich history. Built-in 1804 as a maritime village, Battery Point gained its name due to the gun battery that stood there from 1818 onwards. This battery was designed to protect the town from any potential nautical threats, and its guns were fired to mark important events. However, in 1878 a review found that the battery's location posed a danger to the surrounding residential areas. It was subsequently decommissioned and turned over to Hobart City Council as a place of recreation and amusement. Today, visitors can explore the area's unique architecture, absorbing its rich history while enjoying the beauty of the parks and gardens.

Battery Point

What to do at Battery Point

Once a humble village known for its affordability, Battery Point has transformed into a sought-after address in Hobart's real estate market. The picturesque suburb now welcomes visitors and locals alike, who are drawn to the area's blend of old-world charm and contemporary style. Visitors can choose to experience Battery Point's rich history by staying in one of the area's many renovated cottages-turned-guest-houses, each offering a unique immersion into the quaint neighbourhood. With its proximity to popular tourist destinations like Salamanca and the Hobart waterfront, Battery Point is a neighbourhood with something for everyone.

Hampden Road is the heart of Battery Point, and it's easy to see why. This main strip is home to some of Hobart's best cafes, shops, and bakeries, all with a rustic charm that is hard to resist. The artisan bakery is a particular standout, with its rustic brickwork, timber flooring, and open glass front, creating a welcoming atmosphere that draws you in. But it's not only traditional bakeries that are making waves in Battery Point, with a range of postmodern cafes now popping up among the historic buildings. From a quaint tea house that sources its ingredients straight from the garden to a kombi-inspired smoothie house that serves cold-pressed juice and smoothie bowls, there's something for every taste. These new cafes might be a departure from the old-school meat and three vegs, but they still embody the charm and character that makes Battery Point so special.

Battery Point

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