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Sex jobs in the Netherlands

Feb 19

Escorting in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is seen as one of the biggest escort/sex countries worldwide. One of the key aspects that contributed to this is the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Most of the girls you will see there, are working for someone else, usually leaving the escorts with only 30-40% of the earnings. Now that independent escort businesses are growing, due to the fact that escort directories exist, it may be interesting for you as an escort to look at your options!


If you are 18+ (in the Netherlands), and you have been thinking about becoming an independent escort, feel free to create an escort profile ‘HERE’.


First and foremost, you do not have to be working for someone else in this industry. That is why, in this post, we will explain several options when you want to be active in the adult industry, in the Netherlands!

Sex clubs

There are many sex clubs across the Netherlands. Most big cities have sex clubs, and even smaller cities or some villages have sex clubs or adult-related clubs. Sex clubs offer a few big advantages, but do they outweigh the advantages of working independently? Working in one of the many Dutch sex clubs does offer you a fixed monthly income, which may obviously be very important to you. On top of that, tips are a big part of your income source when working in a sex club or strip club. Finally, working in a sex club offers you a safe environment to work in. You will always have a good spot to work, with people who perform in the same profession.

In de adult sex industry, the opportunities are endless, and this also goes for you! A sex job offers you the big opportunity of making as much money as you want, working all on your own schedule as an entrepreneur. This way, no one will be telling you what the do, and when to do it. Finally, you can perform your profession wherever you want. For instance, it can be done from home, or from a hotel (which your client paid for obviously).

Another option would be a hybrid solution! Partly having a sex job in a sex club, and on the side making some extra money on your own. This ‘side’ hustle/sex job will soon become your main source of income. Just 5 clients for yourself, and you have earned more than working in an average sex club, as they usually take a big cut out of your earnings.

So there are both pros and cons to working in a sex club. Your sex job/adult work should be based completely on your situation, and what you value the most!

Independent Escort services

An upcoming trend nowadays is that more and more people want to become independent escorts. The main reason for this is that they are their own boss, make as much money as they want, and that is all on their own schedule!

In the modern time that we are in right now, people do not want to be working in a 9-5 job anymore, especially not in the adult industry. Why would you want to offer escort services for someone else, when you could do it all by yourself? Being an independent escort has some serious advantages. The word independent kind of gives it away already. The most important advantage is that you will be able to keep 100% of your profits, all on your own schedule. Some escorts ask for €250 an hour, and others ask for €400 an hour. So play around with this number to find out what your perfect number is. Sex jobs in Nederland can give you the freedom you deserve.

All you would need to become an independent escort is a good working space and clients. What most escorts do is work from home when they feel comfortable letting clients in (incall). In some cases, you prefer to conduct business outside of your home (outcall). A good piece of advice for this would be to do outcalls in spots that you really feel comfortable with. Our advice about this would be to consider hotels downtown. In case you prefer the outcall option, make sure to ask your client to pay for this. As the gentlemen/woman, he or she is, they will take care of this!

Finally, in some cases, as an escort, you have to be/do more than just have sex. It is really the personal bonding that matters most in some cases. People who are stressed out in their private lives are hoping to find an escape, and that escape is you! An example of this is a so-called Girlfriend experience (GFE). Instead of just having sex, your client is looking for a real experience, with a beautiful escort like yourself. GFE experiences could be going to a fancy hotel or restaurant or even going on a trip to a beautiful place. These types of experiences may result in a sugar daddy & sugar baby relationship, which is seen as the ultimate goal by several escorts. This person will not be just your sugar daddy, but also a friend and provider. There are several sugar daddies who use Escort Advisor Worldwide. If you would like to receive some additional information about this, feel free to reach out to us.

If you have been thinking about becoming an escort, and you just want to give it a go, feel free to check the Escort Advisor Worldwide ‘escort sign up’ page.

Only Fans

Only Fans is still a great way to earn some money on the side. For some people, Only Fans is the way of making money, earning them thousands per month, or sometimes even more. A great advantage of Only Fans is that you can do this from wherever you are in the world. You do not have to leave your place. The only thing you would need is a platform to market your Only Fans account to gain more followers & great content. One big downside of Only Fans nowadays is that the platform is getting saturated, meaning that it may be hard to stand out. That is why Only Fans may also be a great addition to your adult business!

If you need help with promoting your Only Fans accounts to a big audience in Europe, or any specific country, feel free to contact the Escort Advisor Worldwide team. We are able to get you more Only Fans followers from all parts of Europe, and other parts of the world.

Sex webcamming

Many people who work in the adult industry prefer to work from home, in their own room. Sex webcamming offer you this option! You would only need a laptop, webcam, and a decent internet connection. A downside is that you would have to split clients’ donations with the sex webcam platform.

The importance of sex education

Before becoming an escort, it will be important to have some sex education, also called some escort education. This way you will be able to have the best possible escort date with one of your clients. Such escort education is not all too hard, it mainly has to do with normal communicative expertise. If you are new to the escort profession and would like to learn a bit more about being an escort, and what it takes, feel free to reach the Escort Advisor Worldwide team! Their team may be able to teach you some tips & tricks so you maximize your profits, in the most way effective and normal way.

A lot of the big Dutch cities or the Netherlands, in general, may be great places for your escort services. The Dutch residents have had a lot of sex education during their school period, besides that, people of the Netherlands are there open about sex. Perhaps they could use some real-life sex education from you! If you know about the sex positions (‘sex standjes’) Dutch people like, you will actually be able to lead the way during your sex date. A sex job in Nederland does require practice, skill, and knowledge.

It may or may not surprise you, but people’s preferences for certain sex positions or sex standjes are very different per country! The only way to find out which sex position or sex standje is popular in a certain country, say the Netherlands, is by actually going on a sex date and having the proper sex education!

By having a decent sex education yourself as an escort, you will soon be seen and ‘valued’ as a high class escort, and this is the ultimate goal of being an escort. Please, do not take a valued high class escort as something degrading, as this is actually a big compliment to any escort! You actually want to be a valued escort. This way you have basically ‘earned’ the high class escort name, which makes it possible for you to charge top dollar (or euro)! As soon as you are ranked as a top high class escort, the type of clients you want will come flying by.

If you ever need any assistance with positioning yourself as a high class escort, do not hesitate to contact the Escort Advisor Worldwide team! We believe that we have the right knowledge, as an escort advisor info platform, to put you in the right direction.

Sex jobs conclusion

As an entrepreneur in the adult industry, you can decide your own schedule and the services you want to provide. You may want to try a hybrid version of the several adult/escort services described, meaning trying all of it or performing it all at once. We hope this post has provided you with useful information on the escort adult industry.

If you need any advice from an escort advisor info platform like Escort Advisor Worldwide, feel free to contact them HERE. If you are interested to get to know about Escort Advisor Worldwide, or the information about the escort industry that we provide, then check our other blogs!