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Junk Removal Prices in Marietta, GA

Feb 15

Marietta, GA, is a bustling metropolis in Georgia. Due to its rapid growth it is evident that the need for junk hauling services is rising. Prices for junk removal services in Marietta, GA depend on what junk is being removed and the quantity of junk is contained. In this article, we will discuss the average cost of junk removal in Marietta, GA and the elements that affect the price.

Junk Removal Price Factors

There are several aspects that affect the price of junk removal in Marietta, GA. These include the kind of junk to be removed, the amount of junk and the distance between the location of pickup to the landfill and the company providing the service.

Kinds of junk

The type of junk that has to be removed is among the main factors that determine junk removal prices in Marietta, GA. The most common types of junk are furniture, household items, appliances, electronics and yard garbage. Different kinds of junk require different disposal methods that can impact the price of the services.

Junk content

Another major factor that determines costs for junk removal in Marietta, GA is the amount of junk. The more junk needs to be taken away the more expensive the price for the service. This is because larger amounts of junk take more time, effort and resources to get rid of.

Distance from Landfill

Costs for junk removal in Marietta, GA can be dependent on the distance between the pick-up location and the landfill. The farther away the landfill is from the pickup location the more costly it will cost to transport the garbage. This is because it requires more energy and time to move the junk. It can also increase the total cost.

The Company that provides the Service

Additionally, the business that offers the junk removal service could also impact the cost of the service. There may be different prices for the exact same service. It is crucial to check costs prior to choosing the right business. You may be eligible for discounts for repeat customers, or bookings that are made in advance.

Average Cost of Recycling Junk in Marietta, GA

The price of junk removal in Marietta, GA ranges from $50 to $500, based on the type of trash, the quantity of junk, the distance to the landfill, and also the firm that is providing the service. The most common kinds of junk removal companies offered in Marietta, GA include:

  • Household junk removal: The typical price of household junk removal in Marietta, GA is between $50 and $200. This kind of service involves the removal of household objects such as furniture, appliances, and electronic devices.
  • The cost of removing yard waste for removal of yard waste in Marietta, GA range from $100 to $300. The service includes the elimination of yard waste like branches, leaves, and grass clippings.
  • The cost of removing construction debris in Marietta, GA range from $300 to $500. This service covers the removal of construction debris in all forms including concrete, wood, and drywall.

These are just the average costs. The actual cost of garbage removal in Marietta may be higher or lower depending on the variables.

Tips to Save the cost of junk removal

There are many ways to save money on rubbish removal in Marietta, GA. Some of these tips include:

Booking services in advance: Booking services in advance will often result in lower or discounted prices.

Consolidating junk: In order to save on transport costs You can mix multiple junk items into one pile.

Sorting your junk: By separating your junk into recyclables, hazardous and non-recyclable categories, you will help the junk removal firm choose the best disposal method which could result in lower prices.

Shopping around: Do not be scared to shop for the lowest rates. Contact different junk removal companies and compare their prices and services.

Avoiding peak times The cost of junk removal can be higher during peak periods such as holidays or weekends So, it is best to make your appointment on a weekday day if possible.


Costs for removal of junk in Marietta, GA depend on several factors, including kind and quantity of junk, distance to the landfill and the person offering the service. The average cost of junk removal in Marietta, GA ranges from $50-$500, but there are many ways to save money by booking your services in advance, combining junk, sorting junk shopping around, and staying clear of peak times. It doesn't matter if you are cleaning your backyard or construction site, it is essential to choose a reliable junk removal business with experience and trustworthiness to ensure that the junk you throw away is safely.

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