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Five ways that roofing can help Reduce Heat In Your Home

Jun 22


People who live in hot climates love to send out their weather reports and data with those who live in colder climates. At least, they do so during the winter.

However, as soon as the heat of summer arrives and their air conditioning units struggle to keep the temperature at a reasonable level, they aren't as quick to talk about their sunny and sunny days.


While it is tempting to blame the old air conditioning system to the high temperatures in your home, instead, you might think of blaming your roof. Learn how cool roof products can help make your home more comfortable.


These are five ways that roofing can help reduce heat in your home.

Roof Repair

The first step to reduce your energy bills is to ensure there's not a breakdown in your roofing material. Roofs that are properly installed can block hot air and prevent it from entering the home. Roof repair Castle pa make sure that the roof repair is done correctly. will improve the appearance of your house as well as assist in preventing leaks.

Roofing Insulation

Installing roof insulation on your existing roof is among the most efficient ways to save money on heating bills during winter months. It creates an air pocket between the two layers of tiles or shingles, which stops heat from getting out.


The roof insulation can also help during the summer months as it keeps hot air from entering the house. In all, roofing companies in butler pa can assist you with this regard. Sometimes the Department of Energy may even provide you with a credit for your cool roofing project.

Roof Color

Your roof is the one most likely to become hot in hot temperatures. The roof is constantly in battle with the intense sunlight that increases the temperature of your roof.


You may have learned in your science classes in middle school that darker shades absorb more heat. Therefore, it is sensible to apply that fundamental knowledge of heat absorption when selecting your roofing materials' color.


White roofs have been found to reduce the cost of cooling by 40% in warm conditions because a white roof surface reflects light. Although a white roof may not be appealing visually but there are numerous cool roof designs which are elegant and efficient. We, Steadfast Roofing are experts in it , and we can guide you towards the best solution.

Roof pitch

A steeply sloped roof will last longer and requires less maintenance than flat roofs. Additionally, the steeper the roof pitch, the less heat will enter the home and will boost its energy efficiency. A roofing expert can aid you in choosing the appropriate pitch for your roof.


Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings are applied to your roof with liquid sealants. It helps reflect sunlight and keep heat from the roof, which results in lowered energy costs.


There are a variety of coatings. These include the reflective coatings made of silicone and elastomeric. Both reduce the heat that is absorbed.


Enhance Your Energy Efficiency Implementing one of these cool Roof Initiatives

Contractors New Castle PA can assist you in reducing your energy costs and maintain your home's comfort.,129956,steadfast-roofing,butler.html

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