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Why Do You Need Roof Repair for Leaks Right Now?

Apr 26


A leaky roof can lead to severe damage inside your house. In addition to aesthetic concerns and water damage inside your home can lead to structural damage , or a devastating roof failure.

Here are some possible outcomes of flooding your home through your roof.


  • Make the perfect habitat for mold and mildew

  • Cause wood to rot

  • Soak up the sun and relax your wall

  • The entire roof could fail

  • Water, Mold, or Mildew

Wet, dark environments creates a habitat for mildew and mold. It can be a cause of serious health problems and needs to be taken care of promptly. Check for mold and mildew spots on the walls or the rafters in your attic along with on the ceilings and walls in the living areas of your home. If you find it, it could signal the need for immediate roof leak repair and hire roof repair experts located in South Texas.


Wood Rot

Wood rot isn't always easy to spot - but when you can see it, it is visible as yellow or white and appears stringy or spongy. Sometimes, rot causes wood get darker brown and break up, in addition.


Water in Drywall

Water soaking in drywall can be identified by checking for discoloration, mildew, swelling paint, or general sliding. You may see it on your ceilings or the walls (or both). There's one thing you can be sure of If water got into your drywall and made it damp once, it's likely to repeat if you do not address the problem immediately and seek help from emergency roofing repair services near me.


Catastrophic Roof Failure Resulting From Water Incursion

Wood rot can lead to catastrophic roof failure. It can be difficult to identify it, so keep an eye out for loose spots on your exterior and examine the attic rafters. A rotten roof puts the structure at risk of bursting and, if it does it could harm the remainder of your home as well.


What Do You Mean When You're in need of Roof Leak Repair?

You should be alert for evidence of leaks on your roof, both in and out. Repairing your roof in San Antonio is a must.


  • Dark spots on ceilings and walls

  • Attic spots where sunlight shines through roof

  • A sagging appearance

  • Broken or missing shingles on the roof

  • Slow draining gutters and/or blocked gutters

  • Place loose roofing material near your home

  • Do not tear or wear out chimneys and roof vents

What if You Need Roof Leak Repair?

Damage to your home from water isn't always in the vicinity of the leak. Sometimes, you can follow the water's path and determine the source of the leak, but more often than not the issue is more complex than this. There may be multiple leaks on your roof particularly if it's old or damaged due to hail or stormy weather.


It is best to call us to arrange for an assessment. We'll be able determine the leak and fix it if necessary. Shield Roofing can inspect your roof for leaks.

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